Elective History

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History develops in young people an interest in and enjoyment of exploring the past. A study of Elective History provides opportunities for developing a knowledge and understanding of past societies and historical periods.

What will students learn about?
Students explore the nature of history and the methods that historians use to construct history through a range of thematic and historical studies. Students develop an understanding of how historians investigate and construct history through an examination of various types of history such as oral history, museum or archive studies, historical fiction, media, biography or film. Historical issues studied include the collection, display and reconstruction of the past, ethical issues of ownership and preservation and conservation of the past. A selection of ancient, medieval and early modern societies are studied in relation to themes such as war and peace, crime and punishment, music through history, slavery, women in history or other relevant topics.
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What will students learn to do?
Students apply an understanding of history, heritage, archaeology and the methods of historical inquiry and examine the ways in which historical meanings can be constructed through a range of media. Students learn to apply the skills of investigating history including understanding and analysing sources and evidence and sequencing major historical events to show an understanding of continuity, change and causation. Students develop research and communication skills, including the use of ICT, and examine different perspectives and interpretations to develop an understanding of a wide variety of viewpoints. Students also learn to construct a logical historical argument supported by relevant evidence and to communicate effectively about the past for different audiences.

In Elective History students can choose from the following options:

  •  Time Detectives
  •  Death at the Colosseumtorture 2
  •  Knights and Castles
  •  Samurai and Bushido
  •  Digging up the Past
  •  Aztecs and Conquers
  •  I was there (a study of Sparta and Nazi Germany)


  •  Death and Mayhem through the Ages
  •  Heroes and Villians
  •  The Independent Researcher

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